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couple poems

Here's two more poems:

The wind blows by and whisper his words
His non-existence in this world
makes them hard to hear
The memory of him is stil so clear
Those empty eyes
Those eyes of death
I can hear his laugh in the sunshine
I can see his stern face in the rain
I can smell his aftershave
feel his smooth face from kissing him on the cheek
I remember him most in the stars
Their simplicity explains his
Their extraordinary mystery echoes his
He is everywhere
and in everything
Copyright 2002 Katherine Ann Burdette

This one is also under my name on
An endless routine of consistence
haunts me like a crying ghost
I'm spining out of control
I could let go and fall into a web of insainty
but I've built up too many expectations
and can't release them
My head is full of so many ideas
roads to follow
Some words are mine and some aren't
I'm stuck
don't know which way to break loose
No one can help
I have to stay in this vortex of solitude
Copyright 2002 Katherine Ann Burdette

The second one might be a little different from the one on So read them and weap. lol. Please comment. Peace,love and moonlight walks on the beach.
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